I was selected by Adobe over Behance to go head-to-head with some of London's top creatives in the Creative Jam at Adobe's UK New Creative Meetup on Thursday 27th in Fabric. It was a very busy evening as we (6 animators and 6 graphic designers) were given the theme of 'extreme selfie' and only had a couple hours to produce a piece of work. As we frantically worked away there were quick breaks for interviews, and we were prompted to upload our work in progress on behance which was part of the online streaming of the event. I found it it particularly hard trying to produce an animation in such limited time, but everyone did very well and we had amazing support from the audience and everyone at home. Nicolas Menard and Edward Monaghan were well deserved winners. The concept of my 'extreme selfie' was a man obsessed with crocodiles who wanted a selfie with one while on holiday. With no fear, he took a dip in the nude and got up close with his favourite gator. I might come back to finish this at a later date but it was an interesting experiment racing against the clock.
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